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A Mediterranean Villa With Egyptian Vibes Designed By Laithy Mekawy

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The Cairo-based architect Laithy Mekawy designed a Mediterranean Villa, with Egyptian style along the north coast of Alexandria.

Discover This Incredible Mediterranean Villa!

With modern luxury style and rustic, elemental charm, this serene home nestled in the idyllic seaside enclave of Caesar Bay, Egypt is home to an investment banker and his wife.

A Mediterranean Villa - outdoor

Upon entering this Mediterranean villa, you are greeted with a beautifully curated and nature-connected palette with contemporary punches.

clean and bright entryway
clean and bright entryway

Designed and thought out in detail, this Egyptian villa stands out for its small details. “Something as simple as a doorknob, or even a light switch, can be a source of great pleasure. No detail is too small.”– Laithy Mekawy to Architectural Digest

modern living room with a blue modular sofa and a wood center table
modern living room with a blue modular sofa and a wood center table
modern living room with a blue modular sofa and a wood center table

There is always a sensory connection that runs through Mekawy’s work. In this villa, sharp lines and smooth curves accentuate the architectural gestures throughout the two-story villa, brilliantly enhancing the rustic charm of the exposed wooden ceilings and neo-cement floors. The result is an elegantly cohesive space that is not only pleasing to the eye but also celebrates its beautiful beachfront setting.

meditarrean vibes in the bathroom
meditarrean vibes in the bathroom

Shades of eggshell, cream and pale smoke are accented by interesting ceramic, natural materials including wicker, linen, terrazzo and canvas, with furniture, artwork and bathroom accessories adding a nuanced splash of colour.

white tones in the modern dining room with a black dining table and blue dining chairs
modern living room with clean and neutral tones

Abstract art and Rana Ajam’s exquisite sculptures provides contrast in both colour and geometry in a way they lend thrill and drama without taking away from the overall sense of peace and calm.

neutral master bedroom
modern bathroom

What do you think about this Mediterranean Villa?

outdoor meditarrean villa

Outside is a beautifully marbled courtyard with a timeless Mediterranean vibe, white rough stone, aged terracotta pots and lush plantings that look even more dramatic as the sun casts ethereal shadows throughout the day and leaves the house bathed in the amber glow of afternoon light.

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