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A Piece of Your Time: What Does It Mean to Gift a Woman a Watch?

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A Piece of Your Time: What Does It Mean to Gift a Woman a Watch?

From as far back as the 16th-century, watches have been a luxury that holds far more sentimental value than merely telling the time. Today, giving a watch as a gift still contains a great deal of meaning. If that gift is from a man to a woman, it’s even more significant. 

If you’ve received one of our high-end, luxury timepieces as a gift from the special man in your life you might be wondering what it signifies. To offer some insight, we’ve outlined just some of the wonderful reasons men have bought their girlfriends, fiancées or wives a Backes & Strauss watch.


Wristwatches have been a must-have fashion accessory since they became popular at the beginning of the 20th century. As small as they are, they say a lot about the wearer, and classic designs can complement even the most dedicated follower of fashion.

Our timepieces have been designed to be worn for decades, and tie into changing tastes in the world of what’s in vogue. When you’re given the perfect watch, you’re getting the result of careful thinking about your specific taste and lifestyle. You’ll hopefully receive an accessory that complements your overall style and makes you look that much more fabulous.

Whether it’s a streamlined chronograph or a frothy rose gold timepiece with a delicate strap, every Backes & Strauss watch has a character of its very own. Just like you do. The person who purchased your watch will have considered the essence of you, and your watch should express this.


Even the sumptuous, diamond-encrusted, handcrafted masterpieces we create are utilitarian items. However advanced we may be technologically, people still need watches!

It’s good to stay organised, and this means keeping track of time throughout the day. But as many women can agree, it’s not always the most straight forward task to root around in your handbag to find your cellphone! A quick glance at a beautiful timepiece on your wrist is much easier and far more satisfying. Plus, it provides a subtle yet constant reminder of the special person who gifted you your watch too.


There’s nothing that can quite compare to unboxing a luxurious gift and Backes & Strauss makes this part of the process especially enjoyable. The sumptuousness of our designs extends into how our pieces are packaged, and we make sure every second you spend with one of our items counts!

Like jewellery, there is the exquisite suspense in sliding the box open to reveal what’s inside and then the pure joy at the thing of beauty you find. Whether it’s a birthday gift, a present for the holiday season or just because, when you gift a woman a watch, you’re also gifting her a symbol of opulence and splendour.


Another significant metaphor that comes into play with a watch gift is that of giving someone time. This is a commodity we all wish we had more of with the ones we love. Watches can even become treasured heirlooms, handed down to the next generation of powerful women in the family to mark important milestones. In that sense, the strong sentimental value of your watch has no time limit – it is to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Wearing your new gift may even help you be more on time! After all, it elevates you and makes you look more polished and professional. This goes a long way towards readying you for the challenges you face every day.


There’s nothing throwaway about the gift of a watch. After all, they’ve been carefully designed to be worn, used, and enjoyed each day. They’re also one of the only things that can be worn all the time and giving someone a timepiece means they’ll think of you more often.

A wristwatch will remind a woman of the person who gave it to her every time she puts it on, each time she looks at it during your day or night. And then once more when she takes it off before a shower, bath, swim, or to get a good night’s rest.

For betrothed couples, watches can make a poetic, romantic gift symbolising the couple’s time together. Classic timepieces are ideal as an anniversary gift as they signify the past, present and future. A man who gives you this kind of present is communicating the depth of his commitment and his abiding affection for you.

If you’re not yet betrothed and have received something of this calibre from the man in your life, it almost always means that he’s committed to you. It signifies the depth of your relationship and cements the idea that he would like to share every second, minute and hour together.


What makes the perfect wristwatch such an ideal gift for women is the fact that so much care and attention goes into choosing it. You’ll treasure not only the handcrafted excellence that defines our pieces but how personally meaningful it is too. It tells you that the giver values your wants and needs and deepens your relationship with recognition of your individuality.

The gift of wristwatch shows that a lot of thought has gone into the present and that the giver is interested in you and wants to know what you like. As complex a process as this is, it’s simplicity itself and is evidence of a deep and abiding connection between two people.

Giving something as personal and meaningful as a Backes & Strauss wristwatch requires the giver to make a calculated risk because he has to understand you to buy you something you’ll love. It’s a way to establish even more of an emotional tie between a couple and is about your beloved taking a more active role in your life.

Many literal and figurative meanings can be ascribed to the gift-giving of a watch. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decipher what the intention is behind it. However, it’s a pretty safe assumption that if someone has taken the time to try and figure out what kind of timepiece would suit you and your needs best; he’s been hit by Cupid’s arrow!