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Fibonacci, the 200 kW electric super asymmetric catamaran

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Turin’s Icona Design last popped up on our radar with an insanely expensive, v8-engined supercar prototype called the Vulcano whose entire bodywork was fashioned from raw titanium. Now, it’s back with an electric yacht design inspired by “the numbers of nature.”

The Icona Fibonacci, a catamaran design out of Turin, Italy 

Icona Design

The Icona Fibonacci is an asymmetrical catamaran. Its chief nod to the Fibonacci sequence would appear to be a pair of sprawling ornamental staircases that wrap themselves around the sides giving access to the flying upper deck and the helm. It might have made more sense to call it the Steinway because its roof lifts off like the lid of a grand piano and the overall shape reminds us more of that than of a seashell.

Still, this 55-footer (16.7 m) is a beauty to look at in the renders, reasonably compact but with defined areas for socializing, sunbathing and below-deck privacy.

The Fibonacci is a 55-foot asymmetrical catamaran concept with 400 kW of electric propulsion
Icona Design

It would be powered by a pair of 200-kilowatt (270-hp) electric motors, running off a pair of 340-kWh battery packs that make it suitable for weekend cruises with around 12 hours of cruising and another 12 hours of sitting about enjoying yourself. Pure range would be about 150 miles (240 km) when cruising at 10 knots (11.5 mph, 18.5 km/h). Charging could supposedly be accomplished in 20 minutes according to the company, but that seems like a ludicrous miscalculation to us.

Extending the range may be possible using a polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell arrangement that keeps things relatively eco-friendly while seriously upping the energy density – although you’ll have to give up some space below deck to go that way.

Will this one make it to the prototype stage, or will it merely serve as a portfolio piece for Icona and its partners Hydrotec, Terra Modena, ASG Power and Studio RPR? It’s hard to say, but it sure is a nice thing to look at.