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José Gourmet – We preserve memory and tradition

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JOSÉ is a name whose origin is lost in the memory of time. Many JOSÉs, similar companies, have gone through the most remote history of humanity. Many JOSÉs became well-known in the recent past. We pay homage to all the JOSÉs that remain in our collective imaginary, as well as to those that were relevant in the anonymity of our lives.

José Gourmet Conservas

We preserve memory and tradition

José Gourmet - We preserve memory and tradition

José Gourmet – We preserve memory and tradition

It seemed befitting to evoke such a meaningful and typically Portuguese name, and at the same time, one that is so universal. JOSÉ appeared to be the smart choice for the project we started years ago. From the Hebrew root, JOSÉ is “the one who adds on”. This was our goal:

to add material and immaterial value, to expand relations between quality production and consumption quality, to increase understanding of the quality of raw materials, their nutritional potential, and the quality of the great small producers and products.

We preserve values and relationships

We are not producers. We are between those who produce with quality, and those who appreciate products that meet the requirements. Between the first and the latter, we carry out our adventure: to introduce, to add value, to promote new social and commercial relations, and new social and dietary habits among people.

We do not compete with competitors, whoever they are. We maintain an honest relationship with our suppliers and clients. Anyone who produces with commitment and responsibility, selecting good ingredients and implementing processes of excellence, deserves equal yield. We reach out to clients – or they come to us – demanding and sensitive to fair trade; people who won’t settle for anything less than the best and are willing to buy our products at fair price.

We preserve challenges and imagination

The quality of our products is the raison d’être of our company. But this quality does not exist on its own. It is surrounded by people that lead environments, traditions, values, circumstances, possibilities: it is cause and effect of ways of living, looking for the best in life. The strategies of graphic communication join in, helping to promote the vitality of this challenge. That’s the only way!

Collaborating with us is Luís Mendonça, the designer in charge of all the design and art direction of the company from the very beginning. We needed someone who would combine agility, demand, creativity and experience. Thus, the graphic project gathers several facets, articulating needs and opportunities, involving design, art, and illustration, in particular, and bringing to our get-together authors whose prestige matches the excellence of our products. Our image is, in fact, a family of images, diversified and united, where something new is always about to happen.