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The new Tech Collection from Bentley Golf draws design inspiration from the Bentley Continental GT. Featuring a range of high-performance golf clubs, the collection combines innovative technology with exceptional craftsmanship.


The Tech Collection uses multi-material technology to maximise performance. Designed with unmatched ballistic capability in mind, each club within the set comprises a carefully selected combination of industry-leading materials. The irons feature titanium faces and carbon-fibre backs to maximise power and versatility, while fully CNC-milled face grooves and back cavities, with a unique rounded sole ensure the wedges can tackle the trickiest of terrains. The putter combines high-density steel, super-soft aluminium and carbon-fibre detailing; offering reassuring support for off-centre strikes, to aid even the least experienced player.

The look-and-feel of the clubs echoes the modern design language of Bentley, while paying tribute to the brand’s heritage. Contemporary motifs seen with the Bentley Continental GT appear, such as Bentley’s distinctive diamond knurling adorning the club grips and faces. Meanwhile, the iconic styling-line of the car haunches is reflected through the crown and sole of the woods. An emblem of modern Bentley, ‘B’ screws are placed with trademark precision while traditional diamond knurling appears on the grips. Glancing back through Bentley’s design history, replicas of the unique wheel centre from the famous EXP Speed 8 winning Le Mans car decorate both the wood heads and grip end caps.

All Bentley Golf clubs are crafted to the highest standard, for discerning players who have a passion for craftsmanship, combined with the latest technology. The clubs are unique, high-quality products, carrying the values of Bentley for golf-lovers to enjoy on the course.

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