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Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain based democracy

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Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain based democracy

Satoshi Island is a 32 million square foot private island, located in the tropical paradise of Vanuatu, tucked between Australia and Fiji. The island, which is owned by Satoshi Island Holdings Limited, is intended to become home for crypto professionals and enthusiasts, with a goal to be considered the crypto capital of the world. After years of preparation, a green light from the Vanuatu Prime Minister and Minister Of Finance and all approvals in place, Satoshi Island is now ready to be developed into a real-world crypto economy and blockchain development based democracy.

Own a real piece of the island

Turn your crypto into a physical asset with Satoshi Island NFTs

Island design & development

The master planning and development process is provided by world renowned architectural firm, James Law Cybertecture.

Modular development is the future of city building, instead of decades they will be completed within a few short years” – James Law 2010

Made for the crypto community

Satoshi Island is poised to become the crypto capital of the world, intended to bring together thousands of crypto professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

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Advanced NFT Security

As Satoshi Island is a real place and what holders do with their NFTs effect the future of the island, owning a Satoshi Island NFT requires a level of responsibility not usually associated with NFT ownership. With this in mind, Satoshi Island NFTs come with additional security features to help keep them in the right hands in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Public Opening
Q1 2023

Building Homes in Metaverse

With infrastructure and module installation complete on at least one area of the island, home owners will be able to begin residing on the island or renting out their homes to short and long stay visitors.

Opportunities for you and your business

Crypto Projects
Satoshi Island has vast amount of land reserved for projects interested in setting up a base on the island. Companies of all sizes are welcome and we have dedicated co-working space to suit start-ups, all the way up to entire campuses where large projects can build satellite offices, company retreats or even permanent headquarters.
Anyone can own a piece of Satoshi Island by purchasing Land NFTs. Buy a whole block and build a property for yourself or for rental purposes, or buy with others and decide together what to do with the block. Share usage with your co-owners and enjoy time on the island or lease out your property to other Satoshi Islanders… The choice is yours!
Blockchain Events
Satoshi Island is the perfect place to hold blockchain events and has ample space to host them. Organizers who wish to make Satoshi Island their venue of choice will benefit greatly from the targeted community on their door step. Whether a new or existing event, Satoshi Island provides a setting like no other.