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URWERK – UR-100 Gold Edition “FIGHT – C19”

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As you may have seen May The 4th was the day the new UR-100 Gold Edition premiered nicknamed C3PO this golden edition is the 4th edition of the UR-100 saga!


Episode 4 The Return of the UR-100…

The Auction

We are auctioning the first production piece of the UR-100 Gold Edition on our URWERK-STORE. To make this BRAND NEW watch a little more special the limited edition plate which usually has 25 PCS engraved to note the amount we are manufacturing has been changed to FIGHT C19 engraved instead.

The arrival of the UR-100 Gold Edition also gives us a golden opportunity to give something back, and help in the fight against Covid-19.

The UR-100 Gold Edition

Like all URWERK’s the UR-100 has been influenced by science fiction. Co-founder Martin Frei’s father worked on the Apollo Lunar Rover for NASA, and this achievement left an indelible mark, and you can see from the design that inner sci-fi geek is in full force.

Cut from a solid block of 2N yellow gold, and satin-finished this UR-100 has the same pale shine as the Star Wars droid it takes its moniker from. The UR-100 C3PO’s has a slim design – extra-flat for a satellite-geared watch – with angular contours; it’s an elongated octagon with three notched sides. The form uses subtle asymmetry, taking clues from Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Topping the case is a sapphire crystal bubble reminiscent of the shape of the first URWERK models, the dome housing the control centre of this intergalactic visitor.

The UR-100’s astrophysics govern the URWERK universe with rotating satellites displaying the hours and minutes. Isochronal revolutions create a miniature cosmic ballet, the hour satellites also displaying minutes as they traverse 120 degrees across the bright green scale. A bold red arrowhead marks the confluence of hours and minutes, offering a unique, highly legible, and intuitive time display. Even while manoeuvring at light speed, the automatic winding system is never overloaded thanks to the Windfänger’s regulation of the oscillating mass: this planetary gear limits the speed of rotation of the rotor, minimising both excessive winding and wear and maximising reliability and lifespan.

And last, but certainly not least, are the discreet spacetime indications on each side of the top of the dome’s periphery, which are both essential for intergalactic voyages and unique on planet earth. After each of the three red minute arrowheads passes the numeral 60 they disappear and then reappear again on two separate kilometre scales. The first display at 9 o’clock marks the 555 km travelled along the equator during 20 minutes of the earth’s rotation, the second display at 3 o’clock indicates the distance – 35,740 kilometres – travelled by the earth as it orbits the around the sun over 20 minutes. Spacetime never looked so good; Einstein would be proud!

A Unique Opportunity

While sadly the UR-100 cannot speed up space and time to a safer world, URWERK together with you can do our bit to help. So for two days, you can bid for this first production piece UR-100 Gold Edition “FIGHT C19.” URWERK will then donate proceeds to the winners chosen charity to help support the fight against Covid-19.

From everyone at URWERK, stay safe, stay home and may the force be with you!

Please remember to bid you need to create an account first.

You can also set auto bidding, click the auto-bid button and set your highest value. Email updates will be sent to you during the auction, to let you know if you have been outbid.

Creators Thoughts:

Martin – “Science fiction has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration since the creation of URWERK,” explains co-founder Martin Frei. “I have been a sci-fi geek since childhood. My father was an engineer and worked on incredible projects, including the Apollo Lunar Rover. He was my hero and left me his love of the cosmos and his dreams. ”

Felix – “We live in a universe governed by three dimensions — time, rotation, and orbit — that we attempt to measure and master, but what escapes us is this notion of spacetime.”

The auction clock will run from May 8th 4 PM – May 10th 4 PM. Please check back then to enter the auction. 

*Bid price displayed does not include taxes. This will be payable by the winner upon delivery